Sand blasting cabinet

Can someone guide me on how to get the sand blasting cabinet blasting sand again? there were instructions on the sheet to not change or add media to it so i left it alone, but i do need to use it at some point soon, so help would be appreciated.

Tried to use the sand blasting cabinet this morning real quick to clean something up. i was able to get it up and running easily enough. however, there was no aggregate coming out of the gun. i shut it all down and looked into the vortex generator and it was full to the door of blasting media. i would imagine it just wasnt pulling enough section to pull blasting media into hte gun, but iā€™m not sure.

hopefully this is the right space to put this post in.

@JoeN @dannym or anyone else who knows?

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Someone added large sand granules and a course black diamond abrasive. I think the media is getting clogged. The mixing valve is now missing a mixing screw. Also the moisture ridden air is probably causing some clumping.

I will get a screen to sift the abrasive sometime this weekend. I will also look for a new mixing screw.

Here is a video of the mixing valve. Video

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glad i didnt mess with it too much then. i did drain the water knock out, but think it may need a larger one.

should it be redtagged til such as time as it can be sifted?

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@tripl.e1191 that sounds a great plan. Please red tag it if you are going to be in the shop

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