Manual Mill Classes signup post

Hey Everyone,
This is the signup Post for the manual Milling class (Pre Req for Tormach Class)
The next class will be this Thursday the 17th, there is a 330pm and a 7pm section.

The class focuses on using the Rong-Fu 45 Vertical Mill but we also use a lot of other tools such as the DO-All Bandsaw, Sandblaster, Belt Sander, and grinder.

Things we will cover:

-Parts of the Mill
-How to indicate a vise
-How to calculate proper machine RPM
-show you the difference between climb and conventional milling
-How to square a part
-How to layout a semi precise part with Dykem fluid and calipers
-How to center drill, drill, and counter bore
-How to mill a pocket
-How to use the Do-All Band-saw
-How to use The sandblaster
-How to make a leather insert on the Laser

You will get a cool little key-chain to take home with you at the end.

This Cost of the class is $100 and is a Pre-Req to take the Tormach Class.

Cash,Check or Venmo are accepted payment methods.

Some good videos to look through before you come to the class can be found HERE


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Dang, I am going to be out of town Thursday, I will just have to make sure to catch the next one

Hello, do we have Tormach class scheduled? Iā€™d be willing to pay for a 1-on-1.

@r1b4z01d I am scheduling one after this manual class no more than 15days out.


Iā€™m good to go for the 7PM class. Will venmo work?

yep Venmo will be fine, see you then!

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Awesome thanks @EricP