Using a time bank for space scheduling”

Ok, so the miscommunication that started this thread is that there is already a time bank(im working to help make the current plan more clear in a separate thread), what your proposing is a different setup for the time bank.

Where your time bank is meant to be that, instead of the handful of priority users having 12 hours/ week, that everybody would have 3 hours/ week.

And the hours/week is adjusted as needed to control demand on the space.

This is so it is fair for everybody who is paying dues to have access. And not wanting to be left in indefinite limbo of when they will be able to use the space again.

Does that sum up the proposal you are trying to make here?

(There is alot of discussion in this thread besides the time bank proposal and that should be handled in a separately)

I think it’s important to keep proposals here forward focused. Obviously, we can’t change the past. I hear @BrianBowles that you believe a different approach should have been taken at the start. We can’t change that now, so let’s focus on where we are now and what can be changed.

We are in phase 2 as of yesterday evening. All paying members who want access can get it (as outlined in the email update sent out last night, quick link to view here). As @Tookys mentioned, any member who wants it can have up to 12 hours per week. Just because that amount is available, doesn’t mean it has to be taken. This community has stepped up and shown care for one another. I don’t see people abusing or gaming the system, but there’s also a reason we are meeting weekly and making adjustments as we get feedback.

If you are wanting to put forth a proposal to be discussed at the member meeting this Wednesday and voted on, I would suggest you refocus here and make a clearly defined proposal that highlights specifically how it differs from what is currently in place, keeping in mind the past is the past and the focus should be on the now and the future.