Treasurer Resignation, Treasurer Nominations Open, Aug 5 Member meeting info

Hi, Hackers who are also B-shares,
Thanks for your continued presence & support for the space – if you missed the B-share summer update, check your inboxes – I will repost this to email to make sure I’m not missing anybody.

We’re saddened to lose Rob Ristroph from the Treasurer position this month, as of last Sunday - but we’re excited that he gets to focus on some projects of his own. He’s given many hours to the space, and to the board, over many years. We have been very lucky to have him as long as we did. He did a lot to smooth processes and add reliability to a role that had been neglected for some time before he took it over. He taught himself a lot of the skills he needed, which was an act of care for this space and its members. He will be missed.

Since Treasurer is an essential role, and 1st Weds member meeting is this Weds, Aug 5, we need to move pretty quickly to get another Treasurer in place – we don’t want to re-dance the dance we had to do to pay rent this month.

The Board would like to nominate Billy Nelson for Treasurer. Billy’s already oriented to the role, as he’s been helping out along with Marie Kostas on the Finance Team. He’s been extremely valuable in helping us to navigate the new Freshbooks, and has been manually entering new members into the system by hand, in addition to answering new member inquiries when FB doesn’t behave as we expect. Billy and Valerie are also getting us situated this week with a new billing/class tracking/payment system called Neon, which Billy researched and will help to implement. (Neon’s got a lot of functionality and we’re excited to reduce the number of steps members and volunteers go through to get members situated with membership, machines and classes.) Billy and any other nominees will be given some time to speak and answer questions at Weds’ member meeting.

If you have interest in helping out with ATXHS finances, you could run for the Treasurer role, but practically speaking if you’d like to step into Billy’s role as 1/3 of the Finance team, that would be the most help. We are working with a new model where there are several people each putting in a bit of time to keep the ATXHS financial train moving smoothly, and communicating with one another on questions and changes. If you have any accounting or finance experience, these skills could be a great help – but really, an eye for details, 5-10 hours of free time a month, desire to help, and reliability are the most important qualities for this team. Please email if you’re interested. We’d love to talk to you.

Weds night member meeting will be interesting, as among other things we’re also discussing the new member agreement and the new board conflict of interest policy and code of conduct. We’d love to hear your thoughts about how we can strengthen these documents so we’re clear about our agreements as a community.

If you are interested in running for this or any board role, you must be nominated (Operations/Voting Matters would be the right thread for that), explain why you feel you’d be a good fit for the role (maybe as a reply to Nomination post), and be present at next member meeting to answer member questions (Aug 5, 7:30pm). Here’s the Zoom link:

After Weds night Member meeting, we’ll then do an online vote via Helios, “Action Without Meeting,” as described in Section 4.7(i) of the Operating Agreement. This Treasurer’s term will go through the remainder of Rob’s unexpired term, through Dec 2020. The vote will be open at least 7 days.

If you’ve recently left the space and are receiving this message in error, please know that your refunded B-share is on its way or will be soon – we’re verifying addresses and will be mailing checks as soon as we’ve verified we’re sending them to the right place. We’re sorry for this inconvenience, we’ll have it corrected soon.

Best wishes from
Kye & ATXHS Board
Eric, Joe, Valerie, Flip, RD, Drew

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As many of you @voters have noticed, the Helios vote went out (thank you rockstars who already voted so quickly!!! :star_struck:). If you are a B-share member, you should have received an email with the URL as well as your voter ID and password.

Please vote as soon as you have a chance! It would be awesome if we got all the votes in early and could close this out and start moving forward. Being in between Treasurers is not a fun limbo.

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With 27 votes in favor, we’re glad to welcome @wdnatx to the board as Treasurer! Thank you Billy for being willing to generously donate your time and skills to keep ATXHS running and thriving. Excited for the progress we will achieve together!

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