Table router collets (and other issues)?

Please forgive all my typos. I’m dictating my notes and not proofreading them well enough.

Where is the 1/4 collet? I couldn’t find it in the table router storage or by the hand routers

I did not see it today. There are things in the drawers that are being glued up on the glue up tables. I saw two of them the other day. The last time I used it I used a half inch Collett. I have found things in the dust collection section after searching the whole place for them.

There are also some things on the table closest to the tool wall on the tool side. I’m not sure if it was there or not.

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I have hooked up the lower portion of dust collection to the router and “Y”ed to to the dust collector and planer, drum sander with blast gates. They were short 1 blast gate and a coupler. I temporarily used a piece of hose as a coupler. I would like to hook up the planer as well and a pre collector. I wanted to make a thein collector on the CnC as an experiment. If it doesn’t work, it won’t hurt my feeling if we take it down.

@Fmartin That sounds wonderful. I want to use the parts we have for a dust collector similar to the cnc also. The 3d printers at the space are not capable of printing the manifold. We need a larger one. The last time we asked @martinbogo to print one. Martin printed a really nice one. He even added silicone for sealant. @martinbogo Do you have time for another one?

I wanted to try the thein type. I have read about them for years. Seem easy an cheap to produce. Have you used one before?
Here’s a video on what I was thinking about

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I assume the cad is available? I can help with cnc route the parts. You can assemble with a small crew

My son and I were building a 1 m tall delta printer with a volcano hot end. It should be capable of printing such a vortex. It is a low priority build. Wont finish anytime soon. I think thein collector is much faster solution. Just need to build a CNC file.

Are those the parts in the trashcan by the dust collector attached to the tablesaw and compound miter saw? I wondered if those were being used for a project. I would be happy to help

The parts are for another dust separator that we are building. We shouldn’t pilfer from that project. Whenever you get your delta printer built. We can 3d print the manifold. If I had more time. I would like to take a crack at making the manifold out of metal as challenge.

I am in the process of building a new fence for the router which will have upper 2.5” flex hose for dust collection in it. I’ve already installed 4 inch dust collection in the bottom chamber. I noticed that someone put a new fence face on the existing router fence. It is now solid with no cut out. I will build a cut out into the one I’m building. I thought about using the other Fence that we have which is solid. I was going to scavenge the incra jig To use on the new one. I am building a CNC file to cut out the new fence. I have a piece of reclaimed ipe wood. It stays super straight, is extremely dense and durable. Very attractive when finished.


@wynd just wanted to make sure you were seeing the thread on dust collection

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@Fmartin I checked out all the improvements you have made and continue to make. I like all of the them. Keep up the awesome work sir!

@Fmartin I found this extra fence with vacuum cabilities. Let me know if you want this instead of making one?

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Thanks @joeN. I have already cut the router face pieces on the CNC. I didn’t have time to assemble them. I’m going to be working out of town for two days. I will build it when I get back.

Fred R. Martin, M.D.

I also have a proper union and another blast gate as well as the 2.5” fittings for the top dust collection for the router. Will hook it up in 2 days when I return. I put a temporary plug in the hole on the back of the router. Should increase the suction. The leftover Ipe piece from the CnC cut hole from the fence friction fit perfectly. I used a 1/2” whiteside carbide router bit on the ipe and cut 0.05” passes and ran it slow. It worked great (but was close to the limit on the ipe.). Thanks for your advice.

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