Small tasks with big impact ANYONE can do (2020 Oct)

  • Photograph all the jigs for the table saw and bandsaw, and write them and their locations down in a document. Others can help describe what they are, or if you already know then write that down too.
    • Print signs to go by the machines telling where the jigs are located
  • Prepare a member survey with questions you think of and that we can propose, make a surveymonkey or google form or whatever, advertise it and report on the results.
  • Fix the Member Handbook parking map to be Color-blind friendly.
  • Clean and organize the shop vacs, and let us know places where eg brushes or pans should be placed.
  • Write down the breaker box each machine goes to, and photograph the breaker box switches.
  • Laserprint signs for the planer and sander that say “Turn Blower On First” (there are way more important tasks, but if you prefer, instead commit to the full project of making them auto-switch)
  • Read the manual for a machine and let us know what the maintenance tasks and safety checks are that should be done on each use / once a month / once a year.
  • Replace the work surfaces on two work tables (We’ll coordinate getting you the materials.)
  • Refinish the surface of the artisan woodshop table
  • Make a removable MDF cover for the artisan table so that it can be used as a work table or converted to a bench-dog table.

As always, please commit to the timeline that suits your schedule, and communicate if that schedule isn’t achievable or you need help.


I’d be into doing some work to refinish and improve the sjobergs table, especially since I’ve been using it so heavily.

Besides refinishing the top (not sure what you had in mind, but I was thinking it could use some planing and some coats of a drying oil), It would be great to fix the top to the base (it tends to slide around under pressure), chop all the dogholes all the way through (sawdust and shavings collect in the bottoms and make it impossible to get the dogs all the way in), and add on a single-screw clamp to the front (I know from the position of the allen key used to adjust the set screws on the chain that there’s at least one other person besides me using it who is frustrated by the current vise).

It also could really use some lighting. And there’s a bunch of scrap(?) in the shelves below, which is space that could otherwise be used for a shooting board or other jigs. Can it be moved with the rest of the scrapwood?

I need to finish my current project before I can commit time to this, but that’ll hopefully be just another week, two at most.