Sheet and vertical storage cleaning -- please read!


TL;DR: If you had something unlabeled in sheet storage, please check the storage space under the craft lodge to see if it’s there. Unless there’s serious opposition, anything there that’s unclaimed after two weeks is up for grabs.

Last night @jamesmcnees and I cleaned out the sheet and vertical storage, and the storage space under the craft lodge.

We kept anything that was tagged, and tried to keep anything that looked recently used or usable, but anything that looked abandoned and weirdly shaped, like a cnc leftover or whatever, was tossed or cut up on the panel saw into usable pieces.

We moved large pieces from sheet storage to the space under the craft lodge. I’ll post a photo in the reply, but plexiglass, acrylic, and thin cardboard-type pieces are on the left, while big full-sheet plywoods and thicker mdf and chipboard are on the right.

A lot of the stuff in vertical storage was also tossed, or donated to @Fmartin for safekeeping and/or use in his cutting board classes. The only tagged wood back there belonged to @cmadisondesigns, so everything else is either moved under the craft loft, or gone.

@JoeN, you had some acrylic sheets behind the panel saw that were moved into sheet storage.

In the future, I think next time I, or anyone, goes on a cleaning spree like this, it would be much better to send a message to everyone giving a one-week heads up. In retrospect I would have felt a lot less nervous about getting rid of things had I done that.

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Thin stuff on the left, thick stuff on the right:

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All that’s left

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@gmossessian @jamesmcnees Thank you!! that was a lot to do. I assume the material in the 1st slot on the left of the vertical storage is under the craft area. I had a sheet of plywood that was a cut out left over for a client. Did that get tossed? Just asking

There are several sheets of plywood under that area summer cut some are not. Hard to know which one you’re talking about. I think there’s a piece that we thought was yours it’s about 4‘ x 3‘ with a square cut out of one end of it. It’s still in the vertical storage unit. There are some plastic sheets that we think are yours that are still in there there are a couple of Baltic purchase with multiple cut outs in them that are still there. Under the craft area there are several sheets of MDF some acrylic oh there is works looks like walnut three-quarter inch cut 1/2 inch sheet of plywood and two three-quarter inch sheets that are full. Does any of that sound like what you’re looking for? There are two slabs from trees that we think are yours they are into the craft area and there’s a very large slab leaning up against the shelves that we think is yours also it’s pretty big about 3 feet wide about 6 1/2 feet tall and it has Apoxsee on it it’s aboutAbout 2 inches thick with a big crack in the bottom

@JoeN I found a few 2x4 boards and one of them had your name on it, so I put the three boards back into the vertical storage for you.

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