Sewing/Craft Loft Booking on Skedda

I’m looking to do a little more leatherworking in the future, and may want to take advantage of the loft in the space and potentially try out the sewing machine. Currently, the Sewing/Craft Loft is not bookable in Skedda. Is this area closed for now?

Hey @gordoa40! The only thing preventing it from becoming bookable in Skedda is some basic sanitation guidelines being established. If you could write something up here that would open the space up. This doc gives some instructions on creating a sanitation guide. I can add a reservation in Skedda outside your weekly allotted hours for this if you want to work on this while at the space. I know it can be easier to write something like this up when you’re there in person looking at stuff. The space could probably use a little TLC. If you see things that we ought to have up there, reach out and let us know.

also tagging @kye in case she has anything to add (she’s a leatherworking fan)

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Thanks @valerie, I’ll look into writing a sanitation guide for it. I’m a bit busy for the next few days, but I’ll let you know if I want to go there and check it out soon.