Rotary attachment for the lasers?

I’m looking to etch some Yeti style tumblers with a logo and wondering if the space has a rotary attachment for either of the lasers?

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Hey Chad. There is a third laser that can do it. I’m not 100% sure how ready it is to run. If the laser is not ready. Check out Austin Engraving Solutions. Austin Engraving Solutions

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Pearl, the 100W RF CO2 X100 (“Royalmark” rebrand), is there for rotary work. It is a 100W RF CO2, so it’s actually quite overpowered for the job.
It is a dedicated machine, so the rotary doesn’t need to be set up and broken down.

Rotary Manual:,%20XL%20VL/Legacy%20Rotary/MVX%20Rotary%20Fixture.pdf

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Do we need to take a class? Can we just print to it from Illustrator or Corel Draw?

Pearl a Universal Laser machine, so it uses a Windows print driver that works much the same as Blue. Its graphical appearance is more basic than Blue (oddly, its driver is actually a bit better than Blue’s technically, though) and it’s well supported with Win10 updates this year. So, it prints from Corel, Illustrator, Inkscape, etc.

I don’t think there’s a machine associated with it right now. It ends in a USB cable. The Win10 driver is here:
I’ve just put it on my Windows laptop and printed to it. The mfg doc on how to use it is quite good and simple (if you find the “_simplified.pdf” doc from Universal, though, don’t read that one- it’s oddly poor and confusing). Haven’t had a significant volume of people looking for rotary regularly to run as a class, but the thing is, the instructions are all of 8 pages (much of which is setup, which is unnecessary as we leave it installed), and pretty straightforward to read and use from if you’re already familiar with Blue or Red.

Now that I think about it, it doesn’t have a Skedda column yet, though.

Will one of the old laser machines work for it? Or one of the new donated machines? I don’t think most people have machines running windows 10 or the patience to install drivers, and I don’t want people acting in confusion. Let’s get a dedicated computer so that it’s fully useable.

Any Windows machine would work fine. If you want to use Corel or Illustrator, it would need a copy of the software of course.

The laser needs a class, If Someone wants to use it they need to develop the class materials.

One of the OptiPlex’s that are being refurbished are dedicated for this laser. Once that’s set up with Corel/Illustrator and laser drivers the class materials can be completed. @Harlan has been waiting for the computer to get set up and will help with the documentation but if others want to help they can contact me. Should have a computer for it next week set up.

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