Laser Classes for new(ish) members(Resolved)

Hello all, I joined just before the Ronapocalypse and I haven’t had the chance to take the red laser course. I’d like to get back in and start making. I wasn’t able to find any info on how we’re handling intro courses these days. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Glad you made it in prior to Covid. We are not having classes till we get some guidelines setup. We are currently working on it the moment.

Yes, we are hoping to have a protocol for laser and 3-d printer classes after Tuesday night’s @safety Reopen team meeting.

Hi! I was in a similar situation, but saw the email the other day. How would we sign up for the combined Laser/3D printer class? I tried messaging Rob through discourse but haven’t heard anything back about it yet.

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I second this!

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Thanks Guys,
We are just getting the final details in place please let me know your preferred availability next week or this weekend and I will post a class in the next couple days.
@JennyAlva @Nick @MisterMayhem

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I’m a semi-new member and would like to attend this class as well. I’ll keep an eye out for the posting.

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I’m available Sunday anytime and next week I’m available in the evenings after 630 or so.


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@mcmancuso @mrflip @rgr @Stephen-L-M @okyeron @dannym would any of you be available to teach an in-person laser class on Red, or an in-person class with some online component? Preferably 2x/month the week after we do orientation.

If you’re interested in the next Laser classes, will you add yourself here?

Yeah, I can resume my Thursday evening class twice a month for the initial class on the blue laser for sure. Happy to follow protocol and best safe practices with the people and machines.

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Sounds good, I’ll sign up! Are there any starving artist rates for these? I want to utilize all the machinery available, but when you add up all the workshop costs it gets to be a lot (at least for me). Let me know! Also willing to work for trade.

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because the classes are smaller, it’s hard to discount right now. We have changed the setup right now so that teachers of small distanced classes are keeping 100% of the proceeds of the classes they teach. We are trying 3 students at a time if the teacher is comfortable with it. @mcmancuso, will 3 ppl at a time work for you? Thank you for stepping in on Thursdays. Feel free to check the spreadsheet above to input classes and check for signups.

Awesome! Thanks @EricP!

This weekend I will probably be available after about 5pm, then next week I will be available anytime after about 7pm.

Thanks everyone, I put in 75 min blocks that each person can sign up for on Tuesday Evening. I am just doing one on one classes back to back to back to back from each-other.Please add your name in a slot if available HERE

Class Fee is $30, payment is accepted day of class, cash check or Venmo.
We will be covering the following tools.
PolyPrinter 3D FDM Printer
Red Laser (universal 120w laser 24"x48" bed)

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.
@Nick @JennyAlva @westleyjosiah @MisterMayhem @Jon

Thank you all, I’m excited to see Laser classes get back up and running. Let’s make sure we are blocking off the areas in Skedda for any in-person classes. If y’all need my help doing this, email me dates and times and I’ll put them in ( We can add the student roster to the details of the events on the day of.

Hey Eric, I was unable to attend Tuesday but please let me know if you plan to create more workshops soon. I start ACC classes on 8/24 and won’t be available on any Tuesday or Thursday nights thereafter. Thanks!

No problem currently the red/3d printer class is offered about every two weeks ( ill post the next date in a few days, and the blue laser class is just getting back going and is offered every week.( that date will be posted soon as well

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Great! I’ll be on the lookout for that update on the Google sheet :slight_smile:

Hey Eric! I’m still interested in taking a red laser/3D class but haven’t seen an update in times/dates. I only have this Tuesday and next available until ACC classes start up and then my Tues/Thurs nights will be booked until the end of the year. HALP! thanks!