Guests in the Space? Your thoughts appreciated

Thanks to everybody for responding on this thread. We have a new policy out of tonight’s ReOpen team meeting. Thanks to the members of the team who did good hard work tonight to help us open up to members and guests, safely. @safety

**Guest policy: As of June 26, 2020

  • Members are allowed 1 guest on site, as long as the member is present.
  • Guest name must be listed in Skedda.
  • Guest must be 13 years old or older.
  • Guest must follow ATXHS’ COVID-19 rules for masks, sanitization, and distancing.
  • Guest must sign an entry waiver, which lives here:** However, this waiver needs some Covid-related edits, so guests need to hang in until we can get those edits approved and update this document. (June 26 will give us this time). Because of accidents in the past caused by inexperience, guests are not at this time allowed to use ATXHS shop-owned tools; they may only help you with your project in ways that do not require use of machinery.
  • Members are responsible for their guest.

It’ll be added to ReOpen document and member handbook.

We’ll need to bring the question of teens using tools to the Board, as that’s a Member Handbook issue – we currently we have nobody under 18 as a member, which means (as @Tookys pointed out) that teens are not actually allowed under current policy to use tools. We’ll need to do some work at the @board meeting to determine whether a person under 18 who has machine skills and a waiver signed by a parent is able to be a member and thus get checked off on machines. There was a policy allowing this at TechShop, but there was also a robust teaching program for teens which we have not developed.

Thanks to everybody who weighed in with your needs on this – further notes from the rest of the meeting forthcoming, including on New Member policy, in Operations thread.

valerie edited guest policy formatting and changed guests to singular reference for clarity

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Thanks for this, and thanks to everyone who worked on it. I think the prohibition of non-members using ATXHS tools should be permanent.

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Today is 6/27. Can I bring a guest today? If so, I tried to access the waiver via the link, but didn’t have permissions.

What if your guest has a teenage kid? The reason I ask is the only teenagers that would be allowed at this time would be your kid or under your guardianship. We normally didn’t allow anyone under 18 without their parent or guardian. Just want some clarification. I have a father son duo who want to come to the space.

Hi, Tommy, I’m sorry for the delay. Just finished putting in the last text. Here’s the waiver for next time:

Hey, Joe. Thanks. We can bring it to the ReOpen Team. For the moment I think if they’re doing maintenance just sign them in, one on Maintenance, one as your guest – Will add to the list.
Thank you,

No worries. Thanks for sending the link.