Free Transmission Electron Microscope with extra parts

In South Austin It will need some work but comes with a very descriptive service manual that explains its function and electronics so well you could use it to make a new control system. This microscope can resolve features down to 3.5 Angstrom. The electron optics were overhauled before it was decommissioned a while back. A great project for a hacker /maker group. It is a heavy beast tho, (over 2000lbs total) and will need to be picked up by a moving truck. Needs to be gone by end of month.


I would be interested in helping. I can try to help get it set up and operational. I’m not sure where the best place to put it would be. I’m thinking sawdust is not a good idea to be around it.

Do you know if it comes with a microtome? Or an ion milling system? Or for that matter any other accessories. Since it is a transmission electron microscope, there would need to be someway to prepare specimens.