Dying Fish in tank

I deleted my comment because I was acting like an ass.

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Hey Bryan, thanks for pointing this out! It is horrible that one of the fish died, and I could not possibly guess why that happened, but I want to make it clear that a significant effort is made to look after the fish and the hydroponics area in general, and as far as I know this is a very rare occurrence. If you do see a specific problem with the tank or hydroponics setup then please make sure someone is aware by posting the details about what’s going on. Thanks!

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A scolding tone is also not excellent. Do you have information to indicate that negligence caused the fish death? Fish do die. Erring on the side of civility will help keep this forum a place folks want to visit.

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Sorry for the smart ass comment. I apologize. Admittedly it’s been almost a decade since I took care of fish and even longer since I grew in hydroponics, so I spoke out of turn. I was frustrated about something else and seeing a fish that can live > 35 years dying set me off. I know that is not an excuse and @tomthm you are absolutely right I was not acting excellent at all.

Again, I am sorry for acting the opposite of excellent.


Aww thats terrible.

This is the first fish to have died in the system since it was started in Janurary of 2019.

A sad milestone. :frowning:

Ill be in this saturday to try and figure out what may have happened.

Im told the water is fairly clear so im not sure off the top of my head what may have happened. I came in to do my maintenance a couple weeks ago and it should have been fine for another 2 weeks.

I have the water test kit by the door if anybody would be kind enough to do a quick water check itd be appreciated.

Hopefully i can make sure this doesnt happen again.

If there are any issues with the system always feel free to txt me.

James Manley
(Should be a sign on the system with my info)

This system was built to be a community project. With the hope of getting others involved. I dont have alot of experince in fish care. If you have any advice on how to keep the system healthy let me know itd be much appreciated.


Thanks for the response. Who among us hasn’t reacted in such a manner when something’s bugging us? I have, more times than I would like to admit. Hope things are good now!

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