Cnc Router tips and tricks

I think that a lot of the tips and tricks are not passed on because of Covid restrictions.

-The main thing is use a feeds and speeds calculator. It takes a little bit of setup to get the router in the calculator correctly. Feeds and speeds is king. Feed and Speeds

-Use high quality bits. If you use the router for work. You should get good bits.
I’m a huge fan of Amana bits. The better quality bits give you a better finish, thus saving you post processing time.

-Use correct bit for the job. You probably needs about 5 good cutters.
Such as:
1/4" Compression Bit

1/8" Plastic End Mill

3/16" AL Endmill

Ball mills and some assorted vbits

-Aluminum and Brass can be milled. They require a much slower feed rate. Probably in the neighborhood of 7 to 10 inches/min probably around 13k for spindle speed. We need a small nozzle air blaster to clear metal chips and cool things down.

-Understand the difference between conventional and climb cut. Generally you would use conventional for inside cuts and climb for outside cuts. Knowing the difference will save you post processing time.

-Gently drive the gantry into the stops as a check post homing the machine.

-The sounds during the cut can mean something. Pay attention.

-Let the machine do the work. I have sped up the machine and cost myself a lot of time sanding.

Please share your tips.


Bit Selection

This video helps you understand which bit to use.

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