Any interest in ceramics/pottery?

For a while now I’ve been interested in trying out some pottery and making some small mugs or bowls and things like that. Just wanted to gauge any interest. If anyone had a kiln that would be ideal, pretty sure those can get expensive, but I could maybe buy a small pottery wheel to host. Not sure if a kiln would be allowed in the shop anyway. Thoughts?

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This is a recurring suggestion (see Ceramics Area Proposal? for the discussion during my tenure). Two sticking points have persisted:

  1. it would be cost-prohibitive to operate an electric kiln at our location, and a fuel-fired kiln has some complex ramifications with our lease. I think either option is technically do-able, but wouldn’t be as simple as a typical tool hosting agreement.

  2. nobody has yet developed a fully-baked proposal for the concept, like how we’d arrange the floor space, how many members would be interested in using it, and who’d teach classes.

The board’s open to the idea for sure. We just need somebody (preferably several somebodies) interested and committed enough to drive a plan to execution. You wouldn’t even need to solve the kiln problem - there are some other shops in Austin that will fire customer ceramics for a small fee.

If you want to see a ceramics studio happen, I’d suggest gathering some other members to form a ceramics team to firm up a plan. Work with @EricP (or his delegate) on physical space stuff and @astc on classes. @valerie or I can help you with communications questions, like if you want to make a membership announcement or conduct a survey.

Thanks for the info! Should’ve figured its been thought about before. Perhaps when I have a bit more time I can spearhead and start to figure out a plan.

Here’s a quick informal poll to perhaps quantify some interest and see if it would be worth it – please vote if you see this!

Would you be interested in seeing a ceramics space being created in the shop?
  • Yes, I’d use it or try it out!
  • Yes, I’d like to see it happen but probably wouldn’t use it.
  • No, we don’t need that

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Also, anyone interested in helping plan/build a space or teach a class please chime in. For a new work area to be successful beyond a pilot phase, we need a group of knowledgable users willing to share their expertise with the rest of the membership.


I think we could have the projects fired off site. I think that has been the biggest sticking point.

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