About the Voting Matters category

This section is viewable by everybody but only voting members can reply to threads here. If you want a thread started here, contact a board member or a moderator to start the thread here.

This section is used for discussion of formal proposals that have been submitted to the board to be voted or discussed at an upcoming member or board meeting.

  • Posting here does not constitute your formal submission to the board. This is simply a discussion of the proposal after it has been formally submitted.

The first post should be your formal proposal as submitted to the board. this thread should be where discussion takes place. If this matter had a thread in the proposal section, that thread should be closed, and all future discussion should take place in the thread here.

It is recommended you edit the originating post if the proposal changes, while also posting a reply that you made a change to the originating post.

Your proposal should be submitted to the board before creating the post here.

Make sure your Originating post addressed all of the following.

  • Description of Benefits, Risks, and Drawbacks to the space
    • Why is this the best use of our time, enthusiasm and money? What other things will this disrupt?
  • Time and Cost estimate
  • What other help you need from the board
  • List the people committing to execute it, and who else you’ll need to join to succeed
  • If applicable, briefly describe why we shouldn’t build/buy a better version, and why we shouldn’t get a cheaper/easier one.
    • eg. “We should get helical heads because the finish is much better and it will tolerate a ding. We shouldn’t get one with a larger width because of space and cost; if people need a wider one they can use the CNC or have Fine Lumber do it”